The Body, Mind & Psyche are Identical

Wilhelm Reich, almost a century ago said that body- mind-psyche aren’t only interconnected, they are functionally identical. Body structures, sensations, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours, function in the same way.

The Work

Life is often filled with unpredictable and unexpected events and we may feel we don’t have the resources to respond appropriately to adversities. The current pandemic is deeply impacting our psyche and soul, it is altering our daily habits and even denying us the warmth of a hug.

In times of uncertainty and isolation underlying dormant anxiety, fear, instability, powerlessness and despair can resurface. This is the case especially if we grew up in families with unsafe and insecure attachment or where our boundaries were violated and disrespected.

As a therapist my role is to assist people who are afraid, hurting, feeling their lives are out of control and with no faith in themselves. My work centers around restoring emotional stability. Through collaborative exploration I help people find their own resources, strengths and self-trust.

What I am most interested in is the relationship that each person has with themselves.

Most difficulties that manifest in interpersonal relationships are in fact problems we have with ourselves and in essence are self-worth issues.

I work with people verbally and physically. The physical involves gentle and light touch. Over the past 40 years I have supported people to feel and reconnect to their bodies. By reawakening the body’s life-energy, followed by small courageous actions, people progressively regain the capacity to care and love themselves.

Covid-19: I offer Free 60 minutes initial consultation and sliding scale fees for people in financial difficulties.


I found Ermanno to be totally committed to the transformation in his clients. Even after many years of working intensely in his field, he maintains a profound compassion for his clients. He finds ways to facilitate their growth that are courageous and long lasting. Ermanno demonstrates that working with the body can be a rich source of growth and healing. I spent many years in “talk therapy”; it was only after I started working with Ermanno that I really found out what was going on, what was holding me back.


Talking about Ermanno for me means retracing the last  40 years of my life. Ermanno is a very deep and sensitive professional and a person of heart. Over the years of being in his groups, I learned to get in touch with my deepest truth and was able to engage in an honest  relationship with myself and others. 

Ermanno work enabled the creation of strong and deep relationships between the people in the group, that remain alive to this day


Ermanno is a sensitive, creative and energetic therapist and person. His welcoming ability to involve people is what strikes me most about him. In a few precious years he was able to build a solid professional and friendly relationship with his colleagues, which led to the foundation of an association, of which he was elected president. He organised a training course in Functional Analysis, a crucial and founding point of my professional and personal life.

As a therapist, his attention to the person, to the body and the energetic aspects are an example for me.

I carry in my heart the humility, availability and generosity that he puts into everything he does.

Thanks again for your presence and closeness.  

Susanna, Body-psychotherapist


What are the Fundamental Properties of Energy?

The first characteristic of life energy is the pulsatory movement. We are energetic beings made of pulsating organs, in a continuous pulsatory process. The DNA of each cell vibrates by contraction and expansion several billion times per second. The body functions through rhythmic pulsations of flowing energy. These pulsating movements expand, move forward and return, …


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