The Somatic Resonance Phase in Intervision

The intervision model is composed of Nine phases, one of the most important and a pillar of this approach is the Somatic Resonance phase.  Somatic Resonance is a natural  phenomenon in which bodies impact each other at a fundamental energetic level.  

Somatic Resonance is a mutual process, involving the therapist and the client. Just as when the wind blows through trees and they bend, the wood of each tree moans; no matter its size or shape. This is resonance. This is the reverberating somatic duet between therapist and client. Everything happens: empathy, mirroring, attunement, dissonances, transference and countertransference. They both participates the nonverbal, implicit stories of each other. 

D. Seigel speaks of resonance as “the alignment of two autonomous beings into a functional whole as each person influences the internal state of the other. Our heart rates align, breathing becomes in-sync, nonverbal signals emerge in waves that parallel each other… shifts in EEG findings and heart rate variability co-occur … Resonance reveals the deep reality that we are created by the ongoing dance within, between and among us”.  

We as therapist focused exceedingly on remembering and getting the fact straight by listening to the verbal story with our ears and the analytical brain. This overshadows the feeling and sensation that arise within us. 

The focal point has become the cognitive knowledge, the logical understandings, the concepts and the intelligent answers. Our bodily echoes aren’t heard and our ability to be aware of and respond to others’ nonverbal messages has been lost.    

Through the sensations in our body the client may send us information about his inner world, that they are not ready yet to embody and reveal.

It is essential for us as therapists to restore our full-body ability to resonate, because the body is the main consultant in the therapy room. 

In order to access this information and response we may need too retrain, to learn to listen to and with the whole body and with the heart, by far the strongest resonating organ in the body. 

We spend a lot of time in the Intervision groups paying attention to the many sensations and to our bodily responses to the case presented, allowing the sensations to flow through our bodies and reveal their information. 

As therapists we have been trained not to take in clients’ material, to discern whether our body response is ours or theirs’. To cultivate the awareness of differentiating that our resonances are not our own fantasies, expectations, projections, present sexual frustrations, unresolved professional and personal issues.  More important however is what we do with it.

Through self-reflection, self-awareness, deep work on ourselves and honest exchange with colleagues we can figure that out. Being  finely tuned to our embodied selves  increases our awareness, insight, self-trust and professionallity.

Ermanno Bergami & Maria Sangiorgi 

How to Work Therapeutically with Energy

Rewaken the Vital pulsations                                                                                          

Feelings and emotions play a fundamental role in pulsations. How much energy do feelings mobilise when they flow and are not obstructed?  In our human organism, feelings are endogenous, natural spontaneous sources of energy available to all.

The greatest vibration of energy in the human being is the one emanating from the heart.

Love, is the primary energy that permeates everything that exists. The greater our capacity to surrender to this feeling and to let it flow, the stronger and more powerful it is. The energy of human connection, sexuality, pleasure, enthusiasm, passion and desire, energetically moves us towards meeting  the other. There’s the energy of anger, joy, satisfaction, optimistic and positive vision. There is also the negative energies of hatred, jealousy, envy and resentment. Fear contains great amount of energy. It requires considerable consumption and commitment of energy to paralyse, immobilise the free flow of emotions, to contract the tissues and fixate the tension.              

Contact, physical work

W. Reich was the first to develop a psychotherapeutic methodology no longer based on the exclusiveness of the verbal and cognitive dimension. He included the body perception, breathing, emotional expression and physical contact between therapist and patient. In therapy we work towards a biological reorganisation that is below and beyond understanding and reasoning. Hence the need to work directly physically with the body.

Our bodies are a continuous entry and exit of information. Signals and messages are transported not only by the nervous system, but also by the network of connective tissue. This dense solid, fluid, gelatinous network is intertwined with the muscles, envelopes the organs, nerves, bones, blood vessels, cells and extends to every part of the body. It is a real organ of communication. Through this energy-matrix, information travels, informing and instructing the body. A gentle, attentive, even minimal, therapeutic touch on specific places in the body, stimulates the flow and circulation of fluids. When the tense, contracted and locked energy is loosened, the pulsations are released. The immediate, unfiltered communication through the physical therapeutic contact, not only relaxes but nourishes the body. The physical contact is a vital desire, especially for character structures that have suffered from lack of contact or that have had to become cold/stiff/dense to protect themselves.

Every time a new information is transmitted to the body, a new experience, a new reality is formed and self-organised.                 

Verbal Work                                                                                                 

Another way of working with energy is through verbal work. Thoughts, ideas, reflections, beliefs, mental intentions, images have a lot of energy. The expression through words has a great weight and affect. The clarity of thoughts and verbalisations are fundamental. This clarity is not purely intellectual and linked to a process of thoughts, it is rooted in the body.

When words are connected, clear, condensed and felt in the body, they touch our deep energetic core.


We are all an open and interconnected system, in a continuous exchange of energy. The energy of one has an impact on the energy of the other. In this transmission of energy, if the Self does not have a clear definition, then from here arise most of the problems and suffering of human beings. If our borders are uncertain, insecure, weak, easily penetrable and undefined, if we accept the unacceptable, we are at the mercy of the energy of others and we are overwhelmed. Negative feelings work like contaminating radiation. Reich called them DOR, which stands for Deadly Orgone Radiation. The dark, destructive negative energy makes us sick. We allow the DOR to take over, if we do not respond clearly and strongly. The priority therefore of energetic therapeutic work is to go through the fears, strengthen the solidity of one’s own center, the internal structure and to develop faith in one’s own energy, in one’s own self.

As in Reich’s times, today the world desperately needs not “little men” but conscious, courageous women and men with hearts and a strong clear solid inner energy.   

November 2018                                                        

What are the Fundamental Properties of Energy?

The first characteristic of life energy is the pulsatory movement.

We are energetic beings made of pulsating organs, in a continuous pulsatory process. The DNA of each cell vibrates by contraction and expansion several billion times per second. The body functions through rhythmic pulsations of flowing energy. These pulsating movements expand, move forward and return, to relax and recharge, or they retract to protect if attacked, injured or in danger. It is a natural movement generated from the inside, with an internal coherence, an immanent self-repair and self-healing mechanism. In all of us there is a deep yearning, an innate tendency, despite the traumas and the sufferings,  to stay alive, to maintain health and to return to a point of balance. There are constant adjustments, transformations and changes. This is the cycle of the natural movement of order-chaos- order, union-separation-union, life-death-life.

The other characteristic of energy is the unitary functioning.

Reich devoted most of his life to studying the foundations of energetic functioning in living organisms and found a correspondence, an identity between physiological, emotional, psychic and characterological functioning. There are no differences between psyche and soma, they are only different manifestations of the vital energy. Body and mind always work together. The individual parts of the body function as a unified system, in constant mutual interrelation in an indivisible organic unity. The psychological defences and the tissue contractions perform the same function, they are the same thing, they are identical. This artificial division, seeing every part separated, was created to make our world more understandable and manageable but in reality it has only led to great confusion, conflicts and pain. 

January 2019

Energy in the Therapeutic Process

Energy, this vital force, was spoken of and studied for millennia and it was referred as Prana, Chi, Soul, Nuclear Consciousness, Universal Energy and so on.                              

Reich began his observations on energy starting from his clinical work. Based on his clinical observations, he noted in his patients that the loosening and melting of the armour, of physical and characterological rigidity, led to spontaneous pulsatory movements, accompanied by sensations of electricity, cold, heat, of a “something” that flowed inside the body. He began to examine that what he called “vegetative currents” were not just electrical discharges or liquid movements, there had to be something else. The exploration of the nature of this “something else” of these pulsations in living and non-living organisms led him to study the atmosphere. After years of laboratory experiments and research he came to the conclusion that this vibratory energy present in man is something more than mechanical oscillations or collisions of atoms which develop electromagnetic waves. He began to see that this same flow of pulsations of vital energy that moves within us is also around us. It is present in the atmosphere and that this energy is also non-living matter.

The earth is a great energetic magnet and the whole universe is energy in vibration. Everywhere the “void” is full of vibrations, waves, resonances and co-resonances. Reich, like others before him, hypothesised a subtle primary energy without mass, invisible, intangible, which in-forms – gives form to matter. A basic constituent of all life, pervades this dynamic and energetic universe in which we are all immersed and interconnected. A sort of soul of the world, a matrix always available, outside of space and time, which, when it is encapsulated, forms the various bodies that each organism assumes. Our body is nothing but encapsulated energy enclosed in a membrane. Reich called this energy orgone. The human organism has this orgone energy in each of its cells and it is continuously charged and fed by the energy from the atmosphere. It is fed by the sun’s radiation and from all the other energy sources that surround us: oxygen, water, food, light ,human relationships and all that is alive and sustains life.         

December 2018

The Connective Tissue: A New Organ

The importance of connective tissue has only recently begun to be understood. As in the universe, space is not empty. It is the same inside the cell and between one cell and another. The interstices are full, there are no empty spaces, there is a precise multi-dimensional structure, known as connective tissue. The connective tissue is the largest and most extensive interconnecting organ in the body and represents 20% of its total weight. This dense solid, fluid and gelatinous network covers and intertwines with the muscles, wraps  organs, nerves, bones, blood vessels and extends to every part of the body. The CT is the habitat where the cells of our body are immersed and live, it connects the body systems and allows them to operate in an integrated manner.

Once the nerves were considered the only routes by which each cell communicated with the other cells. Countless scientific researches have proven that communication in the body take place in multiple ways. It is shown that cells in connective tissues, not only exchange information with other tissues and organs through the synapses of the nervous system, but communicate chemically directly between them. This unified state of the connective tissue creates a network system or “matrix” throughout the body that acts as an instant communication system. Szent-Gyorgyi (1937 Nobel Prize for medicine)  defined it as “a continuum of energy throughout the body that functions as an information / communication system outside of all nervous pathways.” Thanks to the connective tissue that functions as a semiconductor, all the molecules, the bio-energies (electricity, magnetism, light, sound, heat) travel through this matrix informing and instructing the organism.

CT is incredibly differentiated, it has many faces. It comes in the form of a solid (the bone tissue is a type of CT), of liquid (the blood is a fluid CT) and of various intermediate gelatinous states (cartilage, membranes, mucous membranes). Some of its best known forms are: superficial and deep visceral fascia, tendons, ligaments, myelin sheaths, adipose tissue, joint capsules, meninges and periosteum.

Two fundamental constituent components of CT are: plasma, now called ground substance and fibres.

Plasma is a semi-liquid, amorphous, viscous, which resembles egg white and surrounds all tissues up to the cellular level. It is the ocean in which every cell of the body is immersed and swims. It is the medium within which all bodily functions take place. In situations of intense stress, of physical and emotional suffering, a plasmatic contraction occur which creates dehydration. The nourishment does not pass through and into the organism to expel its toxins and to clean itself. The metabolism, the energy exchange decreases and inflammation arises.

The fibres. The main fibres of the CT are collagen fibres. Collagen is the “glue” that supports most tissues, a fibrous protein produced naturally by our body, which represents  25% of the proteins present in the body.

Functions of CT in the body.

The main function of connective tissue is to connect, unite all parts of the body.

The CT system goes from under the skin directly to the nucleus of each cell.  CT is a transport system, it receives and transmits, energy impulses in a non-linear manner in all parts of the body. Electric, magnetic, luminous and acoustic signals, heat, nerve impulses, hormonal secretions move through collagen fibres, plasma and water molecules. All biological processes, including mental activity, take place within some form of connective tissue. The quality of the CT is therefore fundamental. If the flow of energy that passes through the CT is contracted, hard and dry, information, sensations, feelings and mental activity will be distorted, diminished or blocked.

CT is involved in wound healing and activation of the immune system. For example, when viruses and bacteria invade the body tissues, they are “surrounded” and encapsulated by the CT fibres that prevent them from spreading.

The CT creates space for each organ and separates them. For example, in the embryo, before the organs begin to form, the CT creates habitable space for each organ. An empty cavity is formed where the heart will lodge. The same applies to the lungs, stomach, brain, etc. The CT creates a place within which each organ can carry out its function. Without this space created by the CT, the cells would collapse on each other.

The connective tissue functions as a support. When we think of our support structure we think of the skeleton and the muscles. In reality, if we compare it to a tent, the central pole is the skeleton, the ties that hold the tent upright are the myo-fascial tissues.

CT bears the stress.

When we are under stress due to a physical or emotional injury or a combination of the two, the muscles contract instantly, but the muscle can only maintain the contraction for a few minutes. To resist the stressful event the CT comes to the rescue of the muscle, developing further fibres inside and around the muscle therefore the envelope that surrounds the muscle thickens. If stress is intense and repeated over time, other muscles are involved and the adjacent muscle wraps stick to each other and the contraction remains for a long term, for life. This is the armour of which Reich spoke about: areas of the body that are chronically stressed thicken to resist physical emotional or psychic stress. In the chronic contractions of myofascial tissues is contained the frozen emotional history which sought protection there.

This tension, this thickening and deformation of the connective tissues, matured over time cannot go back on its own.       

June 2018

The Physical Therapeutic Contact

Physical contact is not optional it is essential for human development, from there it all started. Human beings need contact and love and want to touch each other.

A gentle, affectionate touch, a hug, a kiss, is inherently intrinsically and naturally therapeutic. Numerous researches have recorded the brain activity during the interaction between mother and child. They provided us with evidence that physical contact, the mother’s affectionate physical exchange provides a sense of security, protection, pleasure. It develops synapses, neural circuits,  production of receptors and neurotransmitters  such as serotonin and dopamine, stimulates the release of endorphins and oxytocin. This wonderful natural tranquilliser is released for free into the bloodstream whenever we have a person in our arms, we caress a dog or a cat, we dance with our partner or we simply put our hand on a friend’s shoulders. A warm, pleasant physical sensation spreads through our body and we feel calm and relaxed. Physical contact has a direct relation to stress reduction, the main killer of recent decades.

Hundreds of studies on physical contact have found evidence of significant effects: faster growth in premature babies, reduced pain, decreased symptoms of autoimmune diseases. It lowers glucose levels in children with diabetes, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the thymus gland, which regulates the production of white blood cells, lowers the heart rate and cortisol level, reduces anxiety.

Studies carried out in Baltimore (USA) over the years show that children born deaf or blind, who have had this type of contact in the first years of life, have grown emotionally and physically healthy. While children neither deaf nor blind, but deprived of this nourishing touch not only suffered from emotional and psychiatric difficulties but also had physical problems that persisted into adulthood.

Physical work in psychotherapy started systematically with W. Reich almost 100 years ago and continued with later developments. Today we have accumulated a huge mass of information and a very rich heritage, which is known by few. The work and the physical touch done by professionals with serious training has shown a relevant efficacy with the pre-verbal primary disorders and traumatising experiences. It affects the deep subcortical structure , the amygdala, which remained in survival mode if we only do verbal work. With trauma, people lose their words and language.

Because of all the chronic stress accumulated by our lifestyle or by traumatic memories the body tissues have remained nailed in attitudes of alertness and defence in the “fight, flee, freeze” mode. A chronic disorder of the balance in the autonomic nervous system has been created. It is essential to reset the nervous system, deactivate the sympathetic response of the autonomic Nervous system. The aim is to turn off the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis which constantly on. A life of incessant tension, on alert, ready, prepared, efficient, competitive, results, no vulnerability allowed. It is essential for the health to activate the parasympathetic-vagal response: calm the agitation, digest physically and emotionally, abandon the grip, slow down, stop, breathe, relax and rest the body.

If the body does not have time for recovery and solace, it becomes ill.

The biological reorganisation is clearly beyond comprehension and rationale, consequently the need to work, below words, directly physically with the body.

Therapeutically touching a person’s body is not accidental, casual or random

There are precise places, specific points where to touch, how and when to touch and when not to touch. The touch can never have a sexual intent or innuendo.  

(May 2018)


In the indivisible unity of the living organism there is another fundamental element, which has been called: spirit, soul, consciousness etc . The spirit together with the body-mind is considered the basic constituent of the human being.

Is spirit consciousness? Is it the soul? Is it the psyche? What is consciousness? Is it our essence, our most profound Self? Is it in the body or is it out of the body ? Is there a force a higher consciousness, an intelligence that underlies life? Are we the embodied forms that the universal consciousness has assumed on this earth? Are we part of the same particle? Can the phenomena that occur in the body be explained only in terms of electromagnetic and biochemical forces? Are we just a group of atoms bouncing with each other? Are living organisms just the result of an evolutionary process? Who or what drives all the molecules that behave intelligently and each know what to do? Is there a logical functionality in the universe and in men and where does it come from? Is this energetic force that longs for connection universal love? Is this this God? Are the intangible manifestations, the power of intention, the distant healing possible? Is consciousness that creates the matter? Max Planck (1918 Nobel Prize for physics) wrote, “Everything we talk about, everything we consider existing requires consciousness. I consider the consciousness fundamental and the matter deriving from the consciousness “. 

We cannot deny the importance of these questions and of the research. They are really vital needs that have involved us as human beings for millennials and to which we keep seeking answers.  

(April 2018)

Sensations & Feelings

Despite the natural unity of the organism, we have mostly organised ourselves to live and function in a divided, separate way, too much with the cognitive brain, the language and not enough with the rest of the body, which resides bellow the head. We have diminished, debased, or bodily feelings. The prefrontal cortex, a few centimetres of grey matter, thinking, analysis, have taken dominance over the experiencing of feeling, and sensibility. When we are hurt or we are afraid and we are not able to cope with the difficulty, we transform our feelings into thoughts, we dissociate ourselves from danger and stress by disincarnating or freezing ourselves. If we imagine ourselves to be a machine, then we have put the logical part of the brain in the driver seat. We have relegated sensation, intuition and feeling to the back seat or the trunk. From this lack of perception, presence, connection with the felt experience of ourself, which essentially lives in the soft tissue of the belly and heart, comes most of our suffering and pain.

Physiologically the encephalic brain is not the center that directs,regulates and controls the whole. The brain does not produce sensations, feelings. The brain is the operational center of feedback, it receives the information, processes, selects and according to the relative data already gathered there, sends back electrical and chemical signals.

If we take the heart, it is much more than an extraordinary electrophysiological organ that pumps blood. In fetal development, the heartbeat begins before the brain is formed. The heart is the field with the highest and largest energy. Studies have measured that the electromagnetic waves of the heart extend “outside” of the heart up to 3-4 meters in a double toroid structure. The electromagnetic field of the brain is weaker extending just 40-50 cm beyond the skull.                  This is the scientific confirmation that feelings are more powerful than discourses and logical arguments and that the heart is the central nucleus of human experience. The feeling is the most powerful energy that moves us. It has been discovered and measured that the heart sends more signals to the brain than does the brain with the heart and the same thing happens with the enteric gut-brain. The brain also is not a fixed and neutral mechanical organ, it is plastic and it is influenced. Therefore it makes a  lot of difference which signal the heart and the guts send to the amygdala, to the hypothalamus, if the information is negative or positive.

Today various perspectives are trying to re-propose the centrality of the cognitive brain, of thinking, understanding and mental awareness. They say that emotions can be reprogrammed and we simply can decide with a mental choice to change feelings “today I choose to be happy” we can do anything with thought. But isn’t this another way to revive the Cartesian, “I think, therefore I am”? In reality with the mind we can only do some things. Awareness alone, intellectual understanding has not solved many hardships and has not even affected intense or profound wounds such as traumas. Just as a depressed person can’t get out of depression only by understanding what has happened and by cultivating positive thoughts. Therapy working only with words and intelligence has demonstrated its impotence and inadequacy.  

Feelings come and go, they need to be digested, metabolized. Like a river, they need to flow and when we are can maintain this fluid quality we remain healthy. When feelings are stationary, stagnating, revolving only inside as in anxiety, held in or frozen, the tissues of the body contract, shorten,  become inflamed and we get sick. “Expressed feelings are like medicine, hidden feelings are like poison” says a Tibetan proverb.

If the heart is open and not afraid and we follow what it tells us, the heart knows, it has its own intelligence, it speaks to us, it gives us the answers. Its words and language are clear. When we are confused, when our mind wander without direction, if we want to go back home, it is enough to ask: “In what direction does my heart want to go?” 

It is crucial that the inner sensations, the belly, the heart come back at the centre and that the rational brain listens to the feelings and transforms them into congruous and effective actions.

(March 2018)

Redefining health and illness


For centuries the very concept of the human body was  seen in an almost violent division, which made us perceive the various body systems separate from one another. This is how it was taught in our textbooks. We studied the individual parts of the body without understanding that they were functioning as a unified system, in constant and mutual interrelation. Our body is a completely united organism in which every part communicates with the others. It is the unity of the organs that forms the organism. There is no single part of the body that functions independently, there’s an indivisible functional organic unit. Alterations, even small, in any part of the system, such as a particular physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state, affects the function of the body in all other parts.

Our body is a perfect work of moving and living “engineering”, whether it is the smallest cell or the largest bone. The wonderful anatomy and innate intelligence of the human body is made of rhythms, pulsations and fluidity. On average 70% of us is water. The cell biologist J. Oshman defines our body  a “liquid crystal”. Pulsations and energy flows are constantly moving through the body: fluctuation of blood, lymph, cerebral-spinal fluid, the rhythmic pulse of the heart, contraction and expansion of the breath, the peristaltic movements and many other more subtle movements. Like an orchestra, each part plays its role.

The human body, like other living organisms, has a specific purpose to satisfy: stay alive, sustain itself, self-preservation and always try to restore the state of equilibrium of homeostasis, whenever it is lost.

After all, isn’t this our existence,? A non-linear process of balance, disorder and chaos and the movement back to order and balance

What happens when we cut ourselves? All parts of the body rush to repair the wound. The body in its natural cycle of birth, development and decay is able to self-regulate and self-cure. A vital force in all of us wants to live and aims to maintain health. The body uses an innate protective, self-healing self-repairing mechanism, when injuries and traumas occur.                                                                                         

Taking care of our health, it  means protecting and stimulating these internal natural mechanisms of self-regulation and self-healing to do the job. The 2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded to two researchers who achieved success in fighting cancer in patients in an advanced state, by stimulating the natural defences of the immune system. Health is keeping ourselves in a state of flow and resonance with the interior and the outside stimuli. In physical terms it means allowing the pulsatory functions, the fluids, to flow if interferences and  contractions intervene. In emotional and spiritual terms it means being in resonance with oneself and others, not being imprisoned by the fear of being oneself, remaining aligned, true, authentic and acting congruently.

For each of us it is a question of going beneath the defences, the insecurities, the  fragility and errors to that innate, natural spontaneous, fluid, pulsating life force. Unearthing the core, the essence, the Self that feels secure and confident. We all possess this internally, but is often blocked, lost and disconnected.

Pain and Illness: The Fracture of the Unit and Flow on the Organism

In the body when a part is hurting, it could be physical, emotional or existential pain, the whole body suffers. The imbalance of one part affects the others. Apart from inherited genetic mechanical alterations or abnormalities in the embryonic development, if the functioning of the vital, primary rhythmic pulsations is interfered or blocked, due to a physical or emotional trauma, dissonance with a difficult or hostile external environment, to survive the body must organize the defences protect itself and readjust. Physically the tissues contract, harden and become dehydrated. Emotionally fear fragments and divides the unity of the organism, it disconnects us from feelings and as a result, the spirit loses hope. This defence process repeated over time creates chronic dysfunction. The flows, the obstructed pulsations become blocks, physical and mental pathologies and people identify with the disorders. Today many people are getting sick, but the sickness is also an alarm clock, a wake-up call, it is a clear message that there is an obstruction in the body and that we are going on the wrong path. In a paradox, the illness becomes an almost necessary step for the resolution of the crisis to change path.

We are not in a constant state of wellness and health. We are healthy and we are sick, we are whole and broken. We are happy ,thriving and we are heartbroken and on the floor. Disease exists, it is a fact, as exists life and death. It is the most real thing that happens to any person. The illness brings us back to the humility of our human condition. The fundamental fact is, our reoccurring impotence and vulnerability in relation to nature and many life events. We will never control everything.

The questions are how can we prevent or deal with the disease and illness? How can we keep the energy flowing and restore the healing response, when life is challenging, hard and difficult?

Core changes are possible. If we are tuned in and listen to the body’s signals and practice self-care, we can rebalance our biology and physiology, in the same way we can change our feelings . We don’t have to keep responding to life from our primitive traumatised brain, waiting for dangers and overreacting. The overloaded stressful responses, the pressure we put ourselves under, can be turned off. New information, calmer feelings and experiences can be installed in the body. Hidden resources and resilience can be found in our system. The body is an immense source of unexplored energy with potent innate healing capacities, unknown to most of us, because we have disconnected from it.

If the disease is not ignored neglected and allowed to reach its terminal phase, each individual has the necessary resources and tools to reactivate the personal healing process.

Medicine, to which we give credit for its great contribution to diagnosis, to treatment of many pathologies and increasingly precise and sophisticated surgery, has reduced the disease to a chemical imbalance or defective mechanical parts. The treatment has become a chemical or mechanical intervention from the outside. Psychiatry and classical psychotherapies also have focused on pathology, looking mainly at dysfunctions, multiplying the classifications of “disorders” in the  diagnostic manuals, intervening on behavioural symptoms .                                  

It is a real pity, because the immense knowledge of medicine, if it would abandon the mechanistic view, could be put together and integrated with all the other expertise regarding the health of the human being, in an all-encompassing vision.

(February 2018)

We are Nothing but Energy


Over a hundred years ago the western scientific community had already begun to investigate energy in the universe and explore the relationship between energy and matter. 

They began to study the phenomena that exceeded the boundaries of the material world, recognising that matter, everything that has a physical mass, is not the only reality.  Modern physics, quantum physics, biophysics are proving to us what the great Eastern philosophical and spiritual traditions, such as Vedism and Taoism, were talking about five thousand years ago, when they said that everything is connected that “One is All and All is One”.  In our diversity, we are one and the vital energy that is in the universe and nature flows in us. In this unitary integrated conception of the world, what is found in the macrocosm is found in the microcosm. Morphogenetics and the theory of fractals show us that the macrostructure reproduces itself on an increasingly small scale at every level of organisation. For example, if we take a cauliflower and we observe a small flower, it will have the same structural conformation as the entire cauliflower.

 According to quantum physics, the universe is a unified vibratory field. Every object of nature emits vibrations and the vibrations propagate through waves. The electromagnetic waves of the earth are vibrations and we are connected through a vibratory wave to the planets, to the stars. Every blade of grass, every grain of sand every object of creation has its vibration, so every plant, animal, every cell in our body. Our bodies are nothing but energy, each radiating their own energy, vibrating continuously entering into resonance or dissonance. There are no separate particles, electrons, individuals. They exist only because they are related to others. There are no objects, there are relationships, interactions. 

In 1997 Quantum Physicists did an experiment. They took a photon, (the photon in physics is one of the elementary particles)  they divided it into two and separated the 2 particles. Following magnetic stimuli on one, the other turned in the same way and at the same time, at a distance of 700 km they were still in connection and in resonance.

Space is not empty it is full of energy. Information, vibrations, waves, oscillations, pulsations, resonances and co-resonances are everywhere and resonate energetically with one another. A subtle, continuous, massless flow, below electricity and magnetism, is the substrate that fills the universe, with the possibility that matter is formed in a particular state of movement. These are the same characteristics that Reich attributed to what he called the Orgone.                                                                                 Einstein claimed that “matter is condensed energy at a lower vibration”. All matter is energy. The void has always existed and will always exist. Today it is possible to calculate how much energy there is in that space. If we look at a microscope at the composition of an atom we would see a series of infinitely small energy vortices (quarks and photons), similar to a tornado. If we look more closely at the structure of the atom, we would see nothing, literally the void. 99% of an atom is composed of vacuum, of invisible energy, of intangible matter.

Summing up. The space existing between us here is not empty, it’s a field of energy full of vibrations, waves and resonances. In this unified energy field, people, animals, nature are all connected and entangled in constant interrelation, as is in the universe. We are pulsating organs, in a continuous pulsatory process. Our body is a set of cells in a set of undulating vibrations, rhythmic pulsations, in a spiralling rotating movement forward and backward, towards the inside the center and towards the outside the periphery.

Our task is to be open and receptive to the positive vibrations that flow within us and through us and to protect ourselves by setting boundaries to the negative and dissonant vibrations.      

(January 2018)