An Introduction to Intervision : a new approach in Group Supervision

ONLINE Interactive Webinars

Facilitators: Ermanno Bergami and Maria Sangiorgi

In this online introduction a new model of group supervision will be presented.

Intervision, as the word itself suggests, is a co-created vision, a knowledge that comes from within.

A typical supervision group is led by an external supervisor and members of the group act as observers or at best make comments. In the Intervision model, there’s no supervisor who interprets or has the final say, nor is it a leader-less peer-group. On the contrary, it’s a leader-full group with strong authority and values to which everyone in the group adheres to: support, respect, compassion, honesty, listening, asking instead of assuming judging or interpreting. 

The group is held together by a well formed structure, divided into clear distinct phases of equal importance.There is a conductor, who in turn facilitates each session, with precise and defined responsibilities. The whole process is grounded in the self-responsibility and self-awareness of each member. 

This coherent strong structure creates an atmosphere of safety and trust, which is the core conditions of any healthy group. 


The introduction will commence with a theoretical presentation of the approach. A case will be presented by one the facilitator. The case will involve a practical experiential of the 9 phases of the method. 

Aims and benefits:

  • Understand the theoretical underpinnings and the practical application of this model of supervision
  • Experience being fully embodied through somatic-emotional and cognitive resonance
  • Become acquainted with the pivotal 9 phases of the model
  • Increase the ability to identify and discern internal processes: transference, counter transference, genuine human response.   
  • Further your capacity to listen and trust your inner responses 

This theoretical and experiential introduction is designed for Psychotherapist, Psychologists, Dance Movement Therapists, Creative Arts Therapists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Supervisors, Team leaders, Facilitators and Case managers

In order to provide an in depth experience of the method, we limit the numbers to a maximum of 10 participants

This introduction provides 3 hours of  CPD points for PACFA’s member.      

Payment and Booking

Ermanno Bergami, MA in Human Sciences, is a clinical body – psychotherapist and Functional Analyst in private practice in Melbourne,. He is an accredited supervisor with PACFA. Ermanno trained in England in Bioenergetics and Group therapy since 1980.  He has a solid foundation and experience of group work gained over 4 decades running therapeutic groups, team leaders groups and supervision groups. He is a founding member of the Intervision group in Italy. Ermanno presented the Intervision approach at the 2018 European Congress of the Body Psychotherapy.

Maria Sangiorgi is a Dance Movement Therpist and a professional member of the DTAA and a qualified Functional Analysis Body Psychotherapist.  Maria is a founding member of the Intervision group and the Association Somaticamente based in n Italy. She has facilitated Dance Movement Therapy group processes for various kinds of populations of all abilities and disabilities for 25 years both in Australia and abroad. She is also in private practice.