My Humanistic Body – Psychotherapy Approach

It is whole-body based.  It includes the whole body not just the mind. You feel the feelings and emotions in your physical body, there are no feelings in the brain. My approach goes beyond the mental understanding. When you in a state of overwhelm, of stress-response, in highly anxious moods, the language centers of the brain go offline and understanding isn’t enough to restore you into a place of healing. The tensions grip, mould, split and distort the body. That is why I also work directly with the body, using a light sensitive touch along the network of the connective tissues


The hurts of the past. You can’t change your history, but how you feel about your history and your relationship to it.

Non-pathologising. I will treat you as a person, not as a bunch of disorders to be managed.

It is person-directed. There is always more for me to learn about you, you grow and change constantly. You are unique and you are the ‘expert’ on your own world. One size fits all approach doesn’t consider your complex blend of experiences. I adapt based on your feedback. I share clinical insights and recommendations about your options, then you decide if and how to use the information.

Informed by justice principles. I care when something is unfair. All humans are different but equal in worth.

Welcome to My Work

What is Body Psychotherapy?

Body Psychotherapy is different from other psychotherapies, because it reaches places that other psychotherapies don’t.
  • It is particularly good for people who would like to be more in touch with their bodies.
  • Those who suffer the consequences of  early  trauma where there aren’t any explicit memories.
  • PTSD
  • Those who find it difficult to express their feelings in words.
  • Body Psychotherapy can address difficulties at a level that is not accessible through words,  it can easily access pre-verbal and otherwise deeply unconscious material.
  • Those who would like to feel more alive.
  • Body psychotherapy takes the notion seriously that body and mind are not two different things but the same. It embeds the understanding of symptoms in a truly holistic way and treats the whole person not just a problem.
  • Clients feel seen in their totality. 
  • Most clients like to address difficulties on several levels at once (body, emotion, mind and spirit)
  • Body Psychotherapists are well trained in psychotherapy and are more versatile in their technical approaches.
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He was a constant source of stimulus and support

I met Ermanno, when, for family reasons, he had to return to Italy from Australia. We quickly developed as colleagues, a  professional and personal relationship. We started organising courses and trainings that involved a large group of colleagues who worked in the...

Opened new possibilities

Before meeting Ermanno I had already done 'spiritual' journeys with therapy, dance, colours, performances and readings that had helped connecting to my soul and mind.   However I felt I was missing 'grounding'. Through the work with Ermanno, I have learned to see...

From discouragement to courage

Ermanno is a psychotherapist who has a big heart and humanity. He has a passion for people to grow  and bring out the beauty they have. When he speaks, he does it with enthusiasm with his heart in his hand, never superficially.  He works with people towards great...

Ermanno is a “force of nature”

As colleague, Ermanno is a "force of nature", full of energy, enthusiasm, passion and compassion. This is the memory I have of Ermanno and his life over the years he lived in Italy working alongside us, body psychotherapists. What I carry inside, after Ermanno's...

He helped me mobilise my trapped energy

In the years that I have worked with Ermanno, it struck me the level of humanity he had shown.   In every group, he always invited me to take a step forth, a big or small achievement, but always a step forward: he truly believed in my possibilities. He helped me...

He is one of us

As a therapist you feel that Ermanno is really there. He helps to  go straight to the point without doing or letting people disperse themselves in talking. In the therapy groups I participated, he went straight to the point without many rituals, meditations or...

Gained an understanding of how I act in relationships

My therapy with Ermanno began because I wanted professional help unpacking my mind and the relationship with my parents. I did not realise that his work was body focused and not typical talk therapy. I was at first sceptical about this as I had never really heard...

Empowered to Move Forward

Ermanno is very warm and caring psychotherapist. He always listens deeply & provides a space where I have felt completely safe to work on myself. I have found that his body work, in combination with some time spent in conversations during the sessions, has helped...

Creative and Energetic Therapist

Ermanno is a sensitive, creative and energetic therapist and person. His welcoming and his ability to involve people are the aspects that strike me most about him. In a few and precious years he was able to build a solid professional and friendly relationships with...

A person of Heart

Talking about Ermanno  means me retracing the last  40 years of my life.  Ermanno is not only a very deep and sensitive professional in dealing with people, but above all a person of heart, who welcomes the people he works with, treating them not only as client, but a... Regardless of the method, bank drafts can be fast and convenient, but they’re not the fastest option.

Almost a century ago Wilhelm Reich said that body-mind-psyche aren’t only interconnected, they are functionally identical.          

The form of the body, the feelings, the thoughts, the attitudes, the behaviours, they all reflect each other and function in the same way.

“Body, Mind &

Psyche are Identical.”

Wilhelm Reich