Talking about Ermanno  means me retracing the last  40 years of my life. 

Ermanno is not only a very deep and sensitive professional in dealing with people, but above all a person of heart, who welcomes the people he works with, treating them not only as client, but a person. With Ermanno I learned to get in touch with my deepest truth in my body and from there, with honesty and dialogue, build a true relationship with myself and others. It is clear that before building these types of relationships, I had to dissect the relationship with my parents.

It is impossible to tell in a few lines all the small and large gifts I have received over the years from Ermanno and from the people in the groups. One the most beautiful outcome is that we have created such strong and deep relationships between the people who were in the group, that we still remain connected.

For this I thank Ermanno, for his presence, for his always being there,  for having offered all of us intense and unforgettable moments of life. 

Rosanna, Teacher