In the indivisible unity of the living organism there is another fundamental element, which has been called: spirit, soul, consciousness etc . The spirit together with the body-mind is considered the basic constituent of the human being.

Is spirit consciousness? Is it the soul? Is it the psyche? What is consciousness? Is it our essence, our most profound Self? Is it in the body or is it out of the body ? Is there a force a higher consciousness, an intelligence that underlies life? Are we the embodied forms that the universal consciousness has assumed on this earth? Are we part of the same particle? Can the phenomena that occur in the body be explained only in terms of electromagnetic and biochemical forces? Are we just a group of atoms bouncing with each other? Are living organisms just the result of an evolutionary process? Who or what drives all the molecules that behave intelligently and each know what to do? Is there a logical functionality in the universe and in men and where does it come from? Is this energetic force that longs for connection universal love? Is this this God? Are the intangible manifestations, the power of intention, the distant healing possible? Is consciousness that creates the matter? Max Planck (1918 Nobel Prize for physics) wrote, “Everything we talk about, everything we consider existing requires consciousness. I consider the consciousness fundamental and the matter deriving from the consciousness “. 

We cannot deny the importance of these questions and of the research. They are really vital needs that have involved us as human beings for millennials and to which we keep seeking answers.  

(April 2018)