Ermanno is a psychotherapist who has a big heart and humanity. He has a passion for people to grow  and bring out the beauty they have. When he speaks, he does it with enthusiasm with his heart in his hand, never superficially. 

He works with people towards great goals, but he knows that life is made up above all of moments in which it is necessary to recover from falls and he keeps the two together without the great goals becoming unbearable responsibilities and therefore a reason for self-condemnation. I have seen him many times spend time and energy to bring one of us in his psychotherapy groups, from non-life to life, from discouragement to courage. I have seen him fight with perseverance, without sparing himself, for the growth of his patients. I saw him struggle together with his patients on their side, hand in hand, against the temptations of pessimism, closure, and resignation. I only ask him to continue keeping the flame of hope burning in his patients.

Claude, Architect