In the years that I have worked with Ermanno, it struck me the level of humanity he had shown.   In every group, he always invited me to take a step forth, a big or small achievement, but always a step forward: he truly believed in my possibilities.

He helped me mobilised my trapped energy through movement and various physical practices by going inside my body, feeling the strength, the vulnerability and ultimately its aliveness. This happened to me in every  therapy group I participated in.

As a leader of the group he had  a role of guide but he put his feelings into play as I put mine into it. He cried, he got excited, he laughed or got mad, like I did. Another thing that has struck with me is his memory. When I talked about my problems or difficulties or achievements, he remembered everything, what I had said or done or faced months or years before and this made me understand that  he was really there, extremely present, always attentive with his head and his heart.

Lastly I liked his practicality. It’s okay to talk about feelings, it’s okay to bring out memories, and emotions … But then? Then we had to get to the point. Each, we had to leave the group with something concrete: a new awareness, a job to change, a relationship to face, maybe just a phone call to make … But always something tangible, not abstract or theoretical.

Alex, Lab Technician