I met Ermanno, when, for family reasons, he had to return to Italy from Australia. We quickly developed as colleagues, a  professional and personal relationship. We started organising courses and trainings that involved a large group of colleagues who worked in the psychotherapy field. The journey unfolded through many clinical sessions , important training projects of  international dimension, the constitution of a permanent peer support group and finally the establishment of an Association active in the community for the promotion of our operational paradigm. Ermanno devoted himself to the tasks with a special and rare dedication, with a tenacity and perseverance that would spur all the members of the association. He was a strong example in the promotion of intentions and projects, of effective operation and unshakable motivation. He was a constant source of stimulus and support, who never hesitated, not even in the face of the inevitable roughness for some asperities along the journey. He  expressed his competence and professionalism, becoming a reference point  for his colleagues in  evaluating clinical interventions. He was able to pass on all his experience in the field of body-psychotherapy, accumulated over his long years of practice. We owe him a lot and we miss him.

Silvia, Psychiatrist, Bioenergetic Psychotherapist and Supervisor