Rewaken the Vital pulsations                                                                                          

Feelings and emotions play a fundamental role in pulsations. How much energy do feelings mobilise when they flow and are not obstructed?  In our human organism, feelings are endogenous, natural spontaneous sources of energy available to all.

The greatest vibration of energy in the human being is the one emanating from the heart.

Love, is the primary energy that permeates everything that exists. The greater our capacity to surrender to this feeling and to let it flow, the stronger and more powerful it is. The energy of human connection, sexuality, pleasure, enthusiasm, passion and desire, energetically moves us towards meeting  the other. There’s the energy of anger, joy, satisfaction, optimistic and positive vision. There is also the negative energies of hatred, jealousy, envy and resentment. Fear contains great amount of energy. It requires considerable consumption and commitment of energy to paralyse, immobilise the free flow of emotions, to contract the tissues and fixate the tension.              

Contact, physical work

W. Reich was the first to develop a psychotherapeutic methodology no longer based on the exclusiveness of the verbal and cognitive dimension. He included the body perception, breathing, emotional expression and physical contact between therapist and patient. In therapy we work towards a biological reorganisation that is below and beyond understanding and reasoning. Hence the need to work directly physically with the body.

Our bodies are a continuous entry and exit of information. Signals and messages are transported not only by the nervous system, but also by the network of connective tissue. This dense solid, fluid, gelatinous network is intertwined with the muscles, envelopes the organs, nerves, bones, blood vessels, cells and extends to every part of the body. It is a real organ of communication. Through this energy-matrix, information travels, informing and instructing the body. A gentle, attentive, even minimal, therapeutic touch on specific places in the body, stimulates the flow and circulation of fluids. When the tense, contracted and locked energy is loosened, the pulsations are released. The immediate, unfiltered communication through the physical therapeutic contact, not only relaxes but nourishes the body. The physical contact is a vital desire, especially for character structures that have suffered from lack of contact or that have had to become cold/stiff/dense to protect themselves.

Every time a new information is transmitted to the body, a new experience, a new reality is formed and self-organised.                 

Verbal Work                                                                                                 

Another way of working with energy is through verbal work. Thoughts, ideas, reflections, beliefs, mental intentions, images have a lot of energy. The expression through words has a great weight and affect. The clarity of thoughts and verbalisations are fundamental. This clarity is not purely intellectual and linked to a process of thoughts, it is rooted in the body.

When words are connected, clear, condensed and felt in the body, they touch our deep energetic core.


We are all an open and interconnected system, in a continuous exchange of energy. The energy of one has an impact on the energy of the other. In this transmission of energy, if the Self does not have a clear definition, then from here arise most of the problems and suffering of human beings. If our borders are uncertain, insecure, weak, easily penetrable and undefined, if we accept the unacceptable, we are at the mercy of the energy of others and we are overwhelmed. Negative feelings work like contaminating radiation. Reich called them DOR, which stands for Deadly Orgone Radiation. The dark, destructive negative energy makes us sick. We allow the DOR to take over, if we do not respond clearly and strongly. The priority therefore of energetic therapeutic work is to go through the fears, strengthen the solidity of one’s own center, the internal structure and to develop faith in one’s own energy, in one’s own self.

As in Reich’s times, today the world desperately needs not “little men” but conscious, courageous women and men with hearts and a strong clear solid inner energy.   

November 2018