Before meeting Ermanno I had already done ‘spiritual’ journeys with therapy, dance, colours, performances and readings that had helped connecting to my soul and mind.


However I felt I was missing ‘grounding’. Through the work with Ermanno, I have learned to see the body-mind-emotions as a treasure chest that stores everything and it only needs to opened.

I remember the energy Ermanno spent to help me to go inside the muscles, the organs, the tissues, feel the knots, collect the emotions frozen there and use the voice to affirm my life. I still remember that day, when he asked me to walk from the session to the house that I shared with my partner of that time, at least 5 kilometres. At every step I had to reaffirm what I had to tell him. It was so difficult for me to talk about my wounds, to express my emotions and the right to feel and defend my space. I remember my stomach contracting, the lump in my throat, as I tried to feel my feet stomping the ground with every step and his voice inside, encouraging me to act and speak out loud. I couldn’t have done it without that work.

The whole therapy has helped me to ‘feel’ more, although, I confess, even now I have to work to really ‘feel’ myself, to respect and to listen to my body and the messages that it tries to send me. All those years of work together opened up new possibilities for my life, it gave me courage. I feel so grateful to Life that it has perfectly answered my deep questions, time after time.

Stephanie, Author