Workshops on the Physical-Touch Technique Point & Positions

In these experiential workshops  will be taught some of the basic techniques of the Points & positions approach.

This particular touch-technique is constituted of a series of gentle pressures on specific points located throughout the body and of compression in precise positions of parts of the body.

The touch of deep tissues, fascias and ligaments induces a state of concentration, gathering and deep relaxation, which allows the organism to release stressful conditions and to reorganise its internal resources.

Touching a body is touching the primordial essence of a person and it cannot have any sort of sexual intent or innuendo.

At the end of the 2 days workshop ,the participants will have gained a knowledge of the foundations of the method,of how to touch,where to touch and when not to touch.

The workshop can only be in presence and Covid 19 protocols will be observed.