The Work

Individual Therapy

Life is often filled with unpredictable and unexpected events and we may feel we don’t have the resources to respond appropriately to adversities. This prolonged  pandemic has deeply impacted our psyche and soul, it has altered our daily habits and now we are being denied the warmth of a natural physical contact.

In times of uncertainty and isolation, underlying dormant anxiety, fear, instability, powerlessness and despair can re-emerge. This is especially the case, if we grew up in families with unsafe and insecure attachment or where our boundaries were violated and disrespected.

As a therapist my role is to assist people who are afraid, hurting, feeling their lives out of control and with no faith in themselves. My work centers around restoring emotional stability. Through collaborative exploration I help people find their own resources, strengths and self-trust.

Most difficulties that manifest in interpersonal relationships are in fact problems we have with ourselves and in essence are self-worth issues.

Over the past 40 years I have helped people both verbally and physically to reconnect to their bodies. The physical work, which has no sexual connotation  of any kind, involves gentle and light touch on specific points of the connective tissues within the body. With the reawakening of the body’s life-energy and with many small courageous actions, people progressively regain the capacity to care and love themselves.

Couple’s Therapy

In my experience working with couples I have noticed 2 opposite main phenomena.               

Either relationships are lingering and dwindling for longer that it is necessary causing avoidable pain or people are separating prematurely without having explored in depth the conflict.                                                                                                                                                                                        

The more couples communicate and are explicit about what they want and feel, the more connected they become. Pleasing the other is counterproductive.                                                 

A lot of the pain and misery in relationships comes from lack of honesty.                                                                                                                                           

Honesty is not just saying boldly whatever it comes, honesty requires deep work. Honesty is sensitive and considerate. Often honesty means telling the other that the hurt is because of the past still alive and not what they have done in the present.                                                                 

Honesty means a high degree of self-awareness, a knowledge of the personal defensive interaction. And Intimacy is not only about sex, but above all is about openness, awareness and vulnerability.

My work consists in providing a structure and an atmosphere where partners:

– can share their hurt

– see the other person deeper and feel their hurt

– each person taking responsibility for their part in the conflict

– and ,if they want to, find a way to repair and resolve the fracture in their relationship.