Intervision Australasia

Training in the Intervision style of Group Supervision 

Welcome to the training. The pre-requisite to participating in this training is a 2 1/2 hour introduction. The introduction is a brief experiential based initiation into a body of work with a wealth of depth and integrity. 

The Vision

Intervision represents a new paradigm that we are entering in therapeutic settings and in society. In many places we are observing a movement towards respect, self-empowerment, embracing diversity, inclusion, collaboration and solidarity. 

We value and support individual supervision as an essential process. What the Intervision approach adds to supervision is the horizontal contribution of a collective wisdom of sensations, insights, experiences and competencies present in the group. 

Trainers for Intervision Australasia  

Ermanno Bergami 

Maria Sangiorgi 

Each training group is designed for a maximum of 6 people.

Prerequisites for training 

  • Attendance to the Introduction to Intervision. 
  • The training groups will comprise of experience and training in one of the following backgrounds or fields:
  • Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Psychology 
  • Supervision
  • Dance Movement Therapy & Creative Arts Therapy 
  • Social Work & Counselling 
  • Team Leadership, Group Facilitation & Case Management  

Training Structure  

5 modules (each 3 hours in duration) completed over 5 months 

Contact hours: 15

Module 1: 

  • The history and theoretical underpinning of the approach, with emphasis on the internal sensations (interoception) and the key-concept of self-responsibility

Module 2: 

  • A new template for presenting a case: adding a somatic foundation to the psychological perspective

Module 3: 

  • Trainees will be coached through the experience of conducting the group and presenting cases 

After the 3rd module, trainees will be encouraged to meet as a group to practice the phases of Intervision.

Module 4:

  • Trainees will be coached through the experience of conducting the group and presenting cases

After the 4th module you will be required to conduct a session of Intervision to a group of your choice. You will be requested to fill in a self evaluation form and submit it to the facilitators before Module 5.

Module 5:  

  • Trainees will have the opportunity to review and discuss the session that they each conducted and address any questions and issues before the training is concluded 


  • Knowledge of the theoretical and practical application of the Intervision model
  • Understanding of the many implications of self-responsibility and bottom up processes: the basic principles of this group-work
  • Expansion of internal resonances: physical sensations, feeling responses, thoughts and intellectual stimuli
  • Experience of how to present a case from a somatic and psychological perspective
  • Experience conducting the group
  • A solid grounding in the 9 phases of the Intervision process

The training offers both a procedural and philosophical basis for Intervision group work. This basis provides participants with the required skill-set to:

  1. conduct and participate in this style of group work
  2. foster Intervision groups in your field of work, with the support of Intervision Australasia


At the end of the training, participants will receive: 

A certificate of completion 

Membership to Intervision Australasia 

Dates 2020


Saturday 5th September 1.30 to 4.30 PM  

Subsequent dates will be decided upon together after the first group.

Fee  $397  

Payment and Booking

The 15 contact hours of this course can be accounted towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)